We’re Back

I’m super excited to announce Northern Skies is coming back! After a few years away on different projects, the pull of paramotoring and teaching became too strong! We have big plans for Northern Skies this year.

Training – We will be offering bespoke training with low student-instructor ratios promising a quality training experience. Our focus is not just getting students airborne but creating confident competent pilots that will be able to enjoy a long safe yet adventure full flying carrier.

Pilot Development – Paramotoring is more than just flying around your local field. Whether you want to take on a 300-mile flying adventure, reach for the podiums in competitions or nail every launch and landing like a pro. All of the above takes skill and knowledge to do competently and safely, we can help.

Equipment – Paramotoring is an incredible interesting sport with fast-evolving technology, we will be able to provide great advice and support through your decision making when it comes to choosing your perfect flying companions.

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