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Northern Skies Paramotoring offers a range of courses catering from total beginners to seasoned paramotorists, bellow is a overview of the courses we have to offer.
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The conversion course is for pilots who already hold the relevant paragliding qualifications. Paramotoring is a great way to get more air time and have the ability to explore places unable to when relying on natural lift. One of the great things about the modern paramotor is the ability to restart mid air. This gives you the opportunity to take of from a local farmers field and soar the thermals for hours. Then when lift peters away start up and fly home.

XC, Competition, Thermaling & Advanced piloting workshops



Paramotors give us the opportunity to fly. Lots of people are happy to take of from there local site and fly around for an hour or two soaking up the views. These workshops are for pilots wanting to discover the opportunities open to us. weather you want to cover great distances, stand on the podium, use your paramotor to explore thermals or fly with precision close to the ground CFI Ric Womersley will be more than keen to help you unlock the doors.

Club pilot



Completing this course will gain you your Club Pilot rating allowing you to take to the skies confidently and safely. The syllabus will take you through all aspects of the paragliding wing then move on to the paramotor. Once you have mastered the equipment on the ground you will take to the air completing a range of flights and tasks. During the CP course you will cover all the necessary theory to become a safe and confident pilot.




The first 10 days of this course is identical to the

CP course (see above). Then, once you have gained your CP rating we will look into the skills needed to be a fully rounded pilot able to cover great distances while flying cross country on your paramotor. during your post CP training days we will cover a whole range of more advance skills from xc flying to engine of soaring. You will have the skills to pilot your aircraft into tight landing fields and navigate accurately using air charts.

After completing the the course you will gain the Pilot Rating.

10 day course - £850
15 day course - £1200
5 day course - £499
£50 per day